Yoga Retreat In Vietnam

Early July 2018 I made a beautiful physical and emotional journey to the Sivananda centre in Dalat, Vietnam.

The physical journey began a month before when traveling with my family to Asia. We had already spend a month together and, although we all love each other, a bit of space between us was needed. So I booked myself into a retreat and set off from Nha Trang. We had traveled along the coast on the train from Hanoi to Nha Trang in stages, but this part of the journey was by bus/ coach. There are many places you can book this but I ran into a bit of trouble trying to book it last thing in the day for the next morning. So my advice to give yourself a bit of time to book it. I went at midday the next day so still a good time but it just meant I missed the yoga session at the end of the Friday. The bus journey was so interesting with lots of Vietnamese people and no other Europeans and little English spoken. We went into the mountains with some amazing views back to the coast. The weather is a lot cooler in Dalat and the rain came during the journey (bring jumpers!).

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The emotional journey is more difficult to describe. Firstly there is a set programme – see below – which keeps you busy the whole day with some free time available (to sleep!). Through structure, I found so much peace and realised I am were we need to be and we are whole as we are. The day starts with Satsang, sitting in silent meditation, singing and lead by the Swami a little chat. The singing is so uplifting and gives a real sense of community and belonging. A little food followed by 2 hours of beautiful yoga. I really liked the Sivananda yoga. It’s Hatha yoga with lots of savasana’s instead of my usual down dogs to recover. It’s also got a lot of challenging postures like headstand and then others depending on the teacher. You can see the rest of the schedule below. A specific highlight was the Satsang on the mountain one morning to see the sun rise. It was an incredible early start at 4.30am but definitely worth it.

The Sivananda principles show the beauty of the yoga system and thats it’s a full system to support our daily life. We can try this through other ways but if you look closely at yoga, it offers you all the answers. Here are the principles:

  • Proper Exercise: Asana
  • Proper Breathing: Pranayama
  • Proper Relaxation: Savasana
  • Proper Diet: Vegetarian
  • Positive Thinking & Meditation

I would really recommend to go tho this retreat when you are in Asia. There are some centres in Europe too which I am hoping to visit in the future. Its such a beautiful community and I would really like to support them. To book your retreat, go to their website :

If you practice with me, you will find the influences from this retreat are now reflected in my teaching so thats a good alternative!

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