Yoga Photography

One of my favorite unexpected yoga experiences has been my yoga photography by the amazing Yvonne Catterson. I was given this as a present by my husband to help start my yoga business. Social media can show you so many images of advanced practitioners so although I was grateful I was also a bit scared about the whole thing.

During the teacher training you get so much more depth into what yoga is and what the purpose is (union of the mind and the body through breath), how can you demonstrate this by showing pictures of yourself in postures? 

Yvonne is a professional photographer and has worked for many distinguished magazines, design magazines and record labels. She does yoga herself – I got to know her via my yoga teacher Nancy Campbell – so she immediately understood the postures I would like to show and had some good additional suggestions. She has a lovely gentle and honest way to her so I felt I could voice my concerns. 

On the day I found – so unexpectedly- it was a lovely experience rather than something to be worried about or it just being business thing. I would definitely recommend it and see it an experience. Finally, have a good stretch out afterwards and balance out as you mainly do the postures on one side.


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